Renewing Your Existing Mortgage

Better rates - When Renewing Your Mortgage, it is likely that your current lending institution will offer you a rate that is not the best one available in the marketplace. You are in a strong bargaining position to obtain a rate and product that suits your personal situation.

Too many individuals don't take advantage of their position with a mortgage broker’s services at this critical time of home ownership. This is the time when your equity grows substantially, from decreasing your principal loan balance combined with appreciating home values. Over 70% of mortgage holders just sign their current lender’s renewal form and the usual result is a higher rate and product that no longer fits best with their financial situation and goals. There are a lot of lenders in the marketplace who want your business, and I can find the one most suitable for you.

Better terms - I can help assess which set of options would be best for your situation and which lenders can provide you with the terms that fit your goals.


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